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there is nothing to fear, except fear itself
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Below are the 8 most recent journal entries recorded in otaku_virus' LiveJournal:

Monday, January 16th, 2006
11:25 am
love you all ^^
been a long time since i've written anything on this blog ((on any blog actually)) i prefer individual emails ^^ its more.. touching ^-^
i miss you guys so much... -.- mouuuuuu i wanna see you >< bleh
i'm so sorry you couldn't go to CT's house on the week end nichole Y.Y you must be real sad. i hope you still spend time with him on the phone ^^ like you always do. ^-^ twas so awesome when i visited you )and lindsey ^^ fun times) i loved it! i wish i could have that much fun everyday.
pfff how could i send my love to you all -.- i keep saying "love you" but since i say it everytime its not as valuable as if i say it like, once a year. but i cant help it >< eveytime i write on this blog i think of you -.- ........ how poetic >.>;;;; i feel so low.
>< anyway! ^^ lets make the best out of our present days (its my new motto -.-)

PS: d'you like my userpic? i have tons o' others of FFVII ^^ i love it
Sunday, December 25th, 2005
8:18 pm

in english: MERRY CHRISTMAS!
i know its a very common thing to say; but when i say it, i mean it: i hope you have an awesome christmas, lots o' presents, and well, have a happy new year after Xmas.
i miss you guys ... how much? i could not possibly express it with words. I would have hugged you if i werent so far away!
but however far i go, however the distance that seperates us: i will always love you all more than you can possibly imagine!!

its a small entry... but i hope you wont judge the importance of the entries by its size.
Monday, December 12th, 2005
11:03 am
HEY PEOPLE! i'm in a good mood all of the sudden, in a very nice and affectuate mood (does that word exist i wonder) but yeah. I LUFF YOU ALL! and i'm inviting lindsey nichole nick CT aaron..;.. ANYONE who wants to come visit me and have a big party. ^-^ i realllly hope you can come, nichole, with CT, FUN times! XD today is Hachi's birthday, but she's french and is an idiot so I dont know why the hell i'm saying this! ^-^ kidding! luff you my rabbit wife (indise joke, dont take it seriously)
but yeah. I should have enough money to buy presents for nichole and lindsey... the more money the better presents! ^^ i wish i could buy you guys awesome presents like uh.,, a computer for lindsey (the apple computers you wanted on the ikasucon) or an awesome car for nichole. >< but i can only wish.
instead i will buy you small presents and send you much much love! u guys are sugoiiii XDDD

and a question to nick: you probably have the FVII ac DVD, is it normal that i can't click on "compilation of FVII" and "reminiscence of VII" (or whatever) on the menu?? i can only click on 'set up', 'play movie' and the chapter thingy. .. just wondering...

miss you all!!!
Friday, November 25th, 2005
3:26 pm
france isn't that chewy ...
i hadn't any better ideas for the title.. -.- i feel so....indifferent and calm today....... >.> mouuuuu
i'm gonna get the FFVII soundtrack soon, all of them (there's like 5 different versions) plus the FFX soundtrack as well (and maybe the eights and so on). anyway. its a shame that you guys in america dont have the parodies of the final fantasy s . they're real funny but they couldn't be traducted into english (cuz of all the french jokes and everything). anywayyyyyy;.............-=
(singing one winged angel) to do to do to doo... hmmm i have nothing to say. i'm in school and its as boring as usual. I'm gonna go buy mangas in a few minutes.. i just bought Nana's gothic necklace th other day. ^^ yay, i love it! (its one of those necklaces where everybody says behind your back: "hey look its a dog necklace" and then they giggle pathetically -.-) but i like it and wear it everyday. ^-^
Hachi is reading the manga Wallflower next to me. >.> (peeking) ooh interesting... naked and sexy guys XDD not really, its not a hentai (sadly enough).
-.- i'm so bored.. Nick! Lindsey! Nichole! SAVE ME FROM THIS DARKNESS! XOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
too late..
i'm dead........

~~~ miss you all bery much

Current Mood: -.- ...
Monday, November 7th, 2005
11:27 am
the deal is simple, i shoot, you die

whee i love cloud ^^

anyway... time for yaoi ^^ (alas lindsey, nichole made me fall into the dark side XD

there nichole SEE?? i am for zaks and cloud now.. -.- poor poor aerith

yaiks gota rush!!
love you nichole and lindsey and nick and aaron and CT and EVERYONE ELSE!
miss you all so bad -_-

PS: i'll try to call you saturday nichole

Current Mood: ^-^
Monday, October 17th, 2005
1:29 pm
i'm so bored
here in the middle of the school, in the computer room, as the many french girls insult their computers, here i am, bored, forced to listen to their useless conversation, bored. I just printed out a picture of Cloud in Advent Children. nice, but uncolored. another disadvantage in this school. Not a single teacher or adult watches over us, i could do anything on this computer. But dipped in this endless depth of boredome, the first thing i do, such unnusual, is get on livejournal.com, Lindsey's voice echoing in my mind "you should make more entries" and the need to see, to speak to Nichole pursuing me. So. after such a long time of quiet. i decide to write an entry. without any meaning, without any thoughts. just write.
perhaps it is the need to communicate with my friends. it is most likely.....
now the girls are fighting over guys on the internet... "is he GAY??" they squeal.
Life is filled with useless things. yet it is just a point of view. it may be that it is useful for the world to go round that a bunch of giggling girls are behind me, irritating the whole room with their permanent talking and most girlish laughters. how depressing.
hmm i dont think this is the kind of entry that lindsey had imagined that i should write. i'm in a funny mood these days. wondering as every other teens wonder about life and reality. the kind of shit that you cant get away from.

besides all the depressing kind of talk , i am quite happy these days. i have bought FFVII advent children off ebay (for, unfortunatly, they dont have it yet in france) and am waiting impatiently to get hold of it. yes i know that you all in united states have it already (lucky bastards) and probably have already seen it a couple of times. Alas, you dont know how lucky you are over there. yet as i say it i should also consider myself lucky to live here.
now the guys next to me are yelling at the girls to shut the hell up.
How stupid is humanity...

Current Mood: spooky.. its almost halloween
Sunday, September 11th, 2005
12:56 pm
no I'm not dead.. but since skool's started I hardly have time to get on the computer. plus I have nothing to say.
I bought an mp3 player for 10$ today. whoopee. -.- now I'm gonna put all the songs on the compy of Jrock on a CD and listen to 'em all day. whee.
oi. Quelle vie de merde ici, y a rien a foutre.
wellll that's all really.
I miss america, well no not america, i hate the government and the food there, but then again there's lots of good points, like o'connan ^-^ and master milkshake, good old TV shows that never shows up in france, which sucks. XD (lindsey is happy I think that a french likes connan). -.-;;;;;;;;;
but the ting I miss the most is of course my friends, who, in spite of their outmost craziness, are really awesome. and so I thank them

ja ne
Sunday, August 28th, 2005
2:57 pm
is this working?
>.>... <.< ... -.- well what can i say? here in france is booooring and skool only starts in a week (haha and not america X3 niehehe) nah just kidding. plus i cant really make fun of you guys cuz here in france is 3 times harder and stricter in skools than in america. I would know,since i've been to both skools for more than 4 years. and trust you dont want to go to a french skool. oi, why am i talking about skool? its the most boring and stupid subject one could ever find.
lessee, what happened today..? well i got a new DDR game (dancing stage fusion), and i had to get it off ebay cuz here in france they only have the game with 8 fucking arrows instead of 4. and I wanted to stay with the traditional. so i had to get that fucking game from england. oi. what i go through.
I cant find any other subjects... how about i talk about nichole and lindsey. cuz they're just awesome, both of them. I can't help but smile when i see an email from them, and the two people i want to see the most are definitely them. why can't they come visit meee?? (wails) >< mou, not fair. but i dont think nichole liked the food here... ^^;; ehehe, uuh want some other snails nichole? and lindsey,,. oi! she will never want to visit me! she always says that france stinks, doesnt taste good (dont ask) and that connan will eat france (-.-;) and all that stuff, knowing that she never ever went to france once in her life. bad lindsey.
i'm so bored.. i dun wanna write in this anymore. maybe some other time... and anyway.. who would want to read all this crap?? not me!

Current Mood: boooored -.-
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